The 13 Best Tech Gifts for Any Gadget Lover

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The 13 Best Tech Gifts for Any Gadget Lover

Want to make sure your tech-savvy loved one gets the perfect gift this year? Finding a great gadget that they’ll love can seem challenging, but no need to worry! Wirecutter has done all the work for you and curated some of their top picks. Treat someone special with an instant printer for easy photo prints, wireless earbuds for active lifestyles, or smart home devices – it’s definitely time to upgrade their gadgets game!

A smart stocking stuffer

Give the gift of convenience and connectivity with a pack of four TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plugs! These reliable, affordable plugs are perfect for controlling devices from anywhere over wifi. With an away mode that’s ideal for vacations, energy monitoring capabilities to keep tabs on usage and expenses, plus the added bonus of being small enough not to block neighboring outlets – they’re sure to be a hit this holiday season. For those who want even more control around their home or office space – pick up some additional smart power strips incorporating six independently controlled outlets.

Blue Blocker Glasses

Blue blocker glasses are the perfect gift for any tech lover! These stylish glasses help block out harmful blue light from digital screens and devices. Not only do they look great, but they also help reduce symptoms of digital eye strain. They come in a variety of styles to fit any fashion sense, making them an ideal present for friends or family members. Blue blocker glasses are the perfect way to show someone you care about their health and well-being.

Make any photo an instant photo

Ever wish you could make your photos appear with the same instant gratification as a classic Polaroid? With Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Link 2, fulfilling this nostalgic desire is easier than ever. This pint-sized printer packs all of its printing power in a portable device small enough to fit right into your pocket! The available range of colors (white, pink and black) coupled with the fast five minute set up time makes it an ideal gift for anyone looking to relive old memories or create new ones on film that lasts forever. Don’t forget: get them some extra film too – because no one likes missing out on those priceless moments!

All-star earbuds

Searching for the perfect gift? Look no further than Soundcore’s Space A40 wireless earbuds! These extraordinary ‘buds provide an unbeatable combo of sound quality, noise cancellation and a comfortable fit. Plus they offer 10 hours of battery life on one charge (and can be wirelessly recharged). Give those you care about superior audio freedom – hide them from view or leave it all hanging out in full Beats-style glory – with these awesome gifts.

A mechanical keyboard for beginners

Give the gift of possibility! The Keychron C1 and its full-size version, the Keychron C2, provide an exceptional typing experience for a beginner in mechanical keyboards. Their good build quality and impressive design aesthetic will give your recipient endless options to customize their keyboard with interchangeable keycaps that work on both Windows or Mac computers. Unlock someone’s potential today with this amazing starter model!

For the artist who’s going digital

Are you an aspiring digital artist looking for a great drawing tablet? Look no further than the Wacom Intuos! This compact device connects easily to your computer and comes with some free software trials. Plus, this amazing tablet can be personalized just for them: customize settings like pen buttons or their favorite shortcuts – all at their fingertips! Unleash creativity potential today and give the gift of artistry through technology.

Photo viewing made easy

For those special moments that deserve to be displayed, turn them into a work of art with the Aura Mason digital photo frame! It’s perfect for busy parents or grandparents wanting an easy way to showcase their family photos, travel lovers who’ve collected too many memories from around the world and individuals celebrating big milestones. With no fuss uploading, crystal clear images and secure storage options – this is more than just any ordinary electronic gift. Plus you can even share it amongst friends & families; making sure everyone gets in on the fun!

Affordable wired earbuds

Holiday shopping for the tech lover in your life just got easier with Moondrop’s Quarks earbuds! These stylish and budget-friendly wired earphones come packed with premium sound quality, so you don’t have to break the bank to get a great gift. Upgrade their experience by getting them an upgraded set that features an inline remote plus microphone – perfect for calls on-the-go. They’ll be sure never lose these ones—so it truly is a win all around!

A retro-looking FM radio with Bluetooth

Treat your favorite radio listener to the stylish Victrola Houston tabletop radio! Not only is it pleasing on the eyes, but also produces a high-quality sound that surpasses other more expensive models. It features Bluetooth capabilities as well as an impressive retractable antenna for exceptional reception and low static interference; making sure their favorites stations are always crystal clear – just be mindful of AM channels since this model does not support them.

Our favorite e-reader

If you’re in the market for an ebook reader, look no further than Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite Kids (11th generation). This device packs all of the features that make it a great choice to read books but with extra perks such as two years warranty and savings of up 25 dollars. With access to audiobooks via Bluetooth and Amazon or library partnerships, readers will have unlimited choices when picking their next book from its impressive catalog!

An all-in-one record player

Give the gift of music with Angels Horn H019 record player! This all-in-one turntable takes out any setup hassle, making it perfect for anyone who loves to enjoy their favorite tunes on vinyl. With its sleek design and exceptional sound quality, not only will your giftee be able to rock out on records…they can also put together a jam session using Bluetooth technology – so they could listen to anything from classic hits spinning around the grooves of a disc or create instant playlists without ever leaving the room!

A compact bedside display

The Google Nest Hub is a perfect companion for the bedside – it’s small 7-inch display won’t take up much space, and with its sensor to prevent bright lights in dark rooms, you can rest assured your sleep environment will remain cozy. But that isn’t all! This hub also comes packed with tools designed to help you get better quality of sleep – after calibrating for a few minutes, users are presented with reports on their nightly slumber so they can make adjustments as necessary. And if that wasn’t enough convenience already? The device boast features such as voice assistant integration from Google Assistant, weather guidance, calendar advice and smart home control functions combined into one well-rounded package. Give this gift now to anyone looking forward having an optimized alarm clock which doubles up beautifully as both tracker and helpful aide when needed!

A basic iPhone case that does the most

Add a unique and personal touch to your phone with the Smartish Gripmunk iPhone cases, available in any model from the ever-popular iPhone 7 and up. With its durable protection along with secret customization options like special patterns you can print on the back or even upload images of text through their website, this case is more than just a gift – it’s an expression! Show someone how much they mean to you every time they answer their phone.

For the Sonos fan

Give the gift of high-quality sound with the ultimate portable speaker – Sonos Roam. Combining both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, it can provide a seamless transition from on-the go listening to becoming part of an existing home multiroom system when back at base. Plus, be used as either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart speakers for convenience! A great way to upgrade any set up without sacrificing portability or audio quality.

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