Cozy Gifts For Homebodies

The perfect way to stay warm during winter is by curling up with a blanket and soothing cocoa. When it starts snowing or freezing outside, you’ll want this comforting drink near so that your teeth don’t chatter too much while reading books by lamp light!

So you’re stuck at home this year? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to make the most out it. Whether your family is quarantined or not- we’ve got some ideas for how spend time with loved ones during these tough times!

To help you keep warm this winter, the Post rounded up our favorite items that make us feel cozy inside and out. Send them out in time for the holidays or stash a few away to break out as soon as it starts getting chilly! If there is one specific gift someone has on their wish list but don’t know what to get them – use these links below so they can find just what they need without any more digging around (plus some bonus gifts are included too).

Custom Sock

Giving you the freedom to show off your own creativity, UNI Printing offers a variety of designs for our customers. Uploading an image or using one from their library is simple and fast! With digital printing technology we can print on any type material – it’s never been easier than this before with so many options available at once in just seconds flat. See more design at custom face sock

Aerie Dream Sherpa Animal Pajama Jumpsuit

You can cozy up in this pajama jumpsuit from Aerie. The one-piece is winter white and once the hood is flipped up, you’ll transform into a life size teddy bear with animal ears and an adorable bear face! This onesie comes in sizes for all sorts of people – no matter what your shape or style may be; it’s made out heavy duty Sherpa fabric that feels like pure silk against skin (and will keep any chilly air at bay).

Long Jambys

What’s the deal with all those pants? You know, those pesky sweatpants and jogging suits that have been taking up space in your closet lately. Well now it seems like there is an answer – Jambys! These brand-new “inactivewear” will keep you nice and cozy during these winter months as they come equipped from one end to another with luxurious fabrics perfect for keeping us inactive (and fashionable). They also offer multiple sizes so no matter what our preferences may be; whether small or large–we can find something here worth wearing each day of December

J. Crew Eco Dreamiest Long-sleeve Pajama Set

Wearing a matching set of pajamas as an adult can be very satisfying. J Crew has captured this luxury feeling with their Eco Dreamiest collection, which comes in both pastel colors for those who want to wake up early on Christmas morning or after dinner at night; bright hues ideal if you need your spirit lit during the weekdays!

Cozy Earth Women’s Long Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set

The Cozy Earth Pajamas are perfect for lounging around in style, comfort and luxury. This one has cozy right in the name! Made from super soft breathable bamboo fabric these pjs will quickly become one of your favorite pairs too because they come with size-inclusive ranges small all way up to 3XL so no matter what you’re after there’s an option available

Madewell Piped Waffle Knit Pajama Set

These pajamas are the perfect way to cuddle up for a morning snuggle before you head out into your day. The waffle texture is incredibly soft and comes in two colors: light gray or pink, so that it’s easy to match either one with other pieces of clothing if desired!

Hanna Andersson Family Matching Pajamas

As a parent, there are few things cuter than matching your kids and spouse in matching pajamas. But Hanna Andersson thinks so too because they offer options for every member of the family! The Tannerbaum print is super cute this time around with winter wear from Mom & Dad all the way down to baby niece or nephews who need an outfit change during those long evening hours while everyone else enjoys themselves at home together after dinner (it can be hard work being responsible adults).

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

The Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe is the perfect way to keep you warm and cozy on those winter nights. Made of long staple Turkish cotton, this oversized robe will be sure not only keep its wearer comfortable but also stylish!

Magic Linen Men’s Linen Robe

When he opens this gift from Magic Linen, the man in your life will feel like royalty. This super soft robe comes with a waffle texture and feels so good against his skin that you could make him believe anything! The lightweight linen-cotton blend ensures comfort all day long as well–and there are three sizes available too (S-XXL). What more could anyone ask for?

Yummie Slub Knit Midi Robe

What’s better than a cozy cocoon to keep you warm while soothing your nerves and making sure that everything else slips into place? A cardigan! This navy blue piece of clothing bridges the gap between robe-like indoor wear, like soup or cereal in bed; it can be worn on top as well. Made from loose knit slub jersey fabric with added stretch so no matter how much activity there may have been during winter months – this sweater will always look great too.

lululemon Cashlu Sweater Wrap

Lululemon just introduced the most cozy cardigan ever! It’s made of super soft knit fabric with a touch cashmere to make it one-of-a kind. You won’t be able try these on at your local department store because they are exclusively available online now, so get while supplies last before this goes fast!!

Brunette the Label Self Care Club Sweatshirt

There’s nothing more comforting than finding that perfect sweatshirt for yourself, and with this crewneck you can have an oversized cocoon of warmth to wrap around your shoulders. Brunette the Label knows exactly how we feel – which is why they created these sweaters as gifts in order make sure everyone has their own cozy sweater!

Rhone Lounge Collection

Rhone wants you to end 2021 in the most comfortable way possible – with a head-to toe loungewear outfit from their men’s lounge collection. The Element Lounge Hoodie ($78) is perfect for cozy days spent relaxing on your own time, while paired together Luxe Knit Joggers can make any type of activity more fun by providing extra warmth when needed most!

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