Best Games to Play in 2021

While 2020 is a landmark year for the gaming industry thanks to the release of the next Gen consoles and PC graphics cards, there are a lot of new exciting games to be played 2021. From the highly anticipated sequels like Halo Infinite twigs and Resident Evil Village for brands such as New World experience and Deathloop , there are plenty of titles to try.
We have measured the 2021 list of games we really love, and the most excited for our upcoming, including the Big AAA blockbusters and indie titles imaginative. Keep in mind that we can only include games that most do not have a release window “2021” is not clear, which is why we did not include games such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel or Final Fantasy XVI. We will of course update this article as new in 2021 the title was announced.

Here’s what you should look forward to this year:

Age of empires iv

Fans of real-time strategy age of empires IV have been waiting a very long, which was announced in 2017. Set in the Middle Ages in 8 different civilization when it was launched, age of empires IV is the first new installment in the series in 16 years. . Fortunately, the game finally came out this year, allowing the player to control some of the most powerful empire in human history, including English, French, Mongolian, and the Sultanate of Dehli.

Game Against Potter With 300 Cards – Party Game Against

Game Against Potter With 300 Cards – Party Game Against

The basic game is simple, you discuss about 7-10 white answer cards for each player, 1 person pulls a black answer card and read it for everyone to fill the empty part. Everyone except the master question sends their answers to the center, trying to make the most silly, rude, funny, crazy answer they can. The master question reads the question and fills the blank part with the answer and chooses the best answer. The best answer won a black question card and finally taken into account as a point towards the end of the game. To be honest no one cares about the points like that funny game to play with a group of friends even non-Potte fans will enjoy this game. Cards against harry potter.


The climb was originally planned as an Xbox launch title X Series before it slipped into a twin stick 2021. A shooter at its core, featuring climbing cover system and the ability to target high points and low on the enemy, everything can be destroyed. , Open World Cyberpunk setting. You can also fully customize your character with various ambmen.
Although Neon Games is a small studio, epic game very impressed with the initial work on the title, that Neon was awarded a grant to help cover the cost of development. The result is a co-op shooter top down, although not entirely original, it has a lot of style. Fans who want to return to the aesthetics of Cyberpunk 2077 and also want something that they can play with friends should really check this.

Axiom Verge 2

Axiom Verge 2

Metroidvania from Indie Developers are a dime a dozen nowadays, but the original Axiom Verge stand out thanks to tight controls, a variety of weapons, and an interesting story. Axiom Verge 2 seems to be more of the same thing, but with better graphics and more complex patterns of enemies. The game has been in development over the last four years, but eventually had to come out in early 2021.

Balan Wonderworld

Wonderworld Balan is making modern classic platformer 32-bit era. You choose from one of the two characters and explore the world of mixing reality and imagination, but the hook is actually 80 different costumes, you can find that opening new abilities for your character.
The game was directed by Yuji Naka of Sonic the Hedgehog fames. Platformer fans of the early 90’s do not want to miss this one.

Back 4 blood

Back 4 Blood

Valves may not be able to act together to make the game dead 4 new left, but the developer behind the best-selling franchise has a spiritual successor in work. Just like on the left 4 die, you will work with three other players to take the waves of the undead in a mission that changes every time you play. There will also be 4v4 mode competitive with one team that takes the role of zombies.
We went directly with Alfa Blood behind 4, and so far, it was indeed a lot of play like left 4 dead with updated graphics, which is not a bad thing at all if you miss a classic Horde shooter. The card system, which provides interesting (and buff) allowances to players and zombies, indeed add a little variation to the usual formula that makes this one sleep in the world of streaming.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield returned to his futuristic timeline for installments this year. Stipulated after climate change has truly destroyed the planet, producing a global blackout, Battlefield 2042 saw the United States and Russia fight with a little resource remaining. But you will not be able to explore the theme in this setting through a single player campaign, because this is a multi-player installment.
Fortunately, online games sound impressive, with battle up to 128 players on the console and the next PC. Classic mode such as conquest and breakthrough back, while the game will also introduce a new co-op mode called a danger zone. There are also many adjustment options that allow you to make your own multiplay mode. What we have seen so far looks promising.

Default II bravely

Chivalry 2

The first two default games released on 3DS are typical RPG fantasies supported by a unique risk risk battle system. Players can use brave points to accumulate attacks for large damage, or default to save and take less damage in turn. It makes the games fresh, even if they are sometimes dragged too long.

Bravely default II brings the unique battle of this series exclusively to switch for the first time. And it’s true for his last fantasy inspiration, character and full original story, so you don’t need to be familiar with the previous game.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty returned to World War II for the first time since 2017 with Vanguard, which took goods to the alternative history region with the story campaign which followed the army’s elite squad when they tried to dismantle the Nazi war effort once and for all. Multiplayer offers including the usual favorites and new modes called Champion Hill which are like a royale tournament battle. This game also gets zombie mode itself and introduces a new map for Warzone.

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