Best Cooperative Board Games For 2021

Of wordplay and fraud to exploration and role playing games, this will make the holidays bright and pleasant.
Between pandemics, political controversy and stress summer vacation, many families have enough friction to heat the house in winter. So why add to the conflict with a competitive board game? Fortunately, more and more games are purely cooperative. Players band together to overcome other obstacles, whether that deadline, like in Magic Maze, or a wicked witch or a dragon, like in Gloomhaven.
If you are looking for a perfect game to keep the family holidays remain bright and happy, cooperative board games are the best.

7 continents

7th continent has a fantastic concept in his heart: players explore the mysterious continent by flipping one card “field” at a time, slowly revealing Crazy islands, dangerous landscape and the magic of the mystical. The goal of each game is a kind of mystery: you and your teammates have been condemned, and you need to find a way to lift the curse before it kills you. Here is a cooperative game of survival and exploration unlike almost all you’ll find.
Part of what makes the continent 7 so attractive is its accessibility. You can set the game in a matter of minutes, “Save” in the middle, pack up quickly and resume later. Moreover, pacing continues at a fast clip, thanks to the smart card mechanics and game design impressive organization. That means you can find one of the hundreds of unique cards that come in the box in just seconds.
If you are looking for a fun exploration game with role-playing elements – something that splits the difference between the type of board game and RPG lite madness Gloomhaven types (which can take more than a hundred hours to complete), Continent 7 may be perfect for you.

Box Game Against Avengers – Avengers Game Against (Digital Dowload)

Box Game Against Avengers – Avengers Game AgainstBased on “Humanitarian Cards” are popular
Party game for terrible people
“Box against Avenger! For Avengers fans and Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well-built avengers cards against.

Magic Maze

Magic Maze is about four wizards shoplifting from the mall while trying to avoid getting caught. Two problems hinder a simple runaway. First, the player can not talk. And second, the player does not control individual wizards; They control the movement of individuals. For example, I might be able to make a witch “turn left” and my wife might make the witches’ moved forward. ” But if I do not pay attention to the wizard facing the wrong direction, the whole caper can be serbalan.
The player does have a form of communication. They can skip a mortgage, although its meaning is fluid. That could mean the players need to pay attention to the witch of the moment, or maybe he needs to stop moving so that someone else can take over. The cooperative board game has a smart dynamics that will stop your family from talking for 30 minutes, just to make them discuss cooperation winning family game for hours afterward.

Spirit Island

Spirit Island

Twists Spirit Island colonize the game in their heads. You play the role of a magical spirit and your job is to work with an indigenous population to fend off invaders that inevitably destroy the land. Besides taking the old theme, Spirit Island do a good job with a good build suspense as your power grows and moves across the land invaders. In this cooperative board game, you need to cooperate with other players because you only have so much energy to spend every turn.

Letter clock

In jam letters, players receive a series of cards with letters on them, but they cannot see the letter. Instead, everyone prepares an attitude of facing them, so that their teammates can see what they have. Then, during the game, players take spelling words with letters they can see, force other players to guess their own letters through a smart reduction game.
For Word lovers, this is a good game with endless replay values. And you can show off your impressive vocabulary to boot.

Mansi madness

Mansions of Madness

Madness houses are one of the first board games that I really love. While growing up, I was always interested in the instructions, and then I found a mystery game inspired by narrative, which was inspired by a narrative, which came with a booklet that varied narration to play. The problem is, the first edition of the Mansion of Madness requires intense arrangements, and one player must be “guard,” a kind of dungeon teacher playing against everyone. However, now with the second edition of the game, players can work together in each mission with the application that fills the role of the guard. Whether you are investigating the removal in the old house or interrogating city residents to find people who secretly try to call ancient crime, madness houses remain one of the best mystery games ever released – and yes, I think it’s tops instructions.

Dead winter

The best zombie film has one thing in common: the biggest threat comes from other humans, and zombies only function to bring the distrust to the front line. Dead winter is a collaborative game that nails this dynamics. This is a zombie game where you work together to go to town, collect equipment and maintain your colony against a growing corpse horde. You are constantly faced with difficult decisions about the best way to use your resources. Do you use the fuel that you just found to keep yourself safe while traveling? Or add to increase the city defense that shrinks? You control several villagers with unique abilities, but one step incorrectly can send one of them to their havoc. Above all, you need to constantly see fellow players with suspicious eyes. Everyone has a secret goal to complete, but one person in the group might be a direct traitor. The result is a very tense battle where you pay attention to the turn of everyone to look for betrayal, while doing the best to keep your own cheating intention hidden. – Andrew Gobhart.



We have written widely about Gloomhaven, and for good reasons: this cooperative game is one of the best board games to combine RPG elements, Dungeon crawling and mechanical classic board games. You and your friends or family can pour more than a hundred hours to Gloomhaven, explore the vast world and unlock almost two dozen characters that can be played – each with the development of impressive deep skills. And it’s all facilitated by a game made of cardboard and paper. Of course, if you add an application, it makes the gameplay even smoother than before. And if you really want to play the most accessible version, it’s a good idea to check GloomHaven: Jaw Lion, which provides a well-written and accessible sense of full-rich world game for players hesitating to do a massive game.


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