20 Hilarious Best Friend Birthday Gifts She’ll Talk About for Years

You know when you have that one friend who is always there for the good times and bad? And they’re not just an ordinary person, but rather their love means more than any other. Well nowadays birthdays can be a time when this true companionship shines bright! So what better way to show our gratitude than with some thoughtful gifts from both parties: laughs in sharing jokes or stories; hugs during hard times – even if we think these moments won’t ever come again because it seems too difficult-we need each other’s support constantly afterall ; respect shown through unwavering loyalty .

1. Blanket Hoodie

Wear this soft and cozy wearable blanket hoodie to keep you warm on those chilly days. It’s made of a super micro plush polyester, which makes it incredibly durable but still light enough that most people can wear them without any problems! The oversized design will cover most anyone who wants extra coverage or warmth around their head as well-the Sherpa fabric adds an extra layer between yourself and anything outside; great if there is snow out due again tonight.

2. Affirmators

These affirmation cards are perfect for the person who needs a little boost of self-love, but doesn’t want anything too traditional. The affirmations on each side of these fun phrases show that you can still get your spirit up and feel confident without having to wear heavy shoes or use candles!

3. Friends Will Help Sign

True friends are like a breath of fresh air when you need them most. They come to your rescue and make everything better with their love, laughter, humor or wit! So give this message thanks for showing how much they care about keeping the wounds clean by letting it heal on both our parts in good times as well as bad ones because after all isn’t that what true friendships do?

4. Disturbed Friends Game

250 questions are posed in this game with many considered offensive and disturbing according to public opinion. However, it is a brave new world for those who play as they must face off against friends during horrible situations where one wrong answer could mean death!

5. Funny Coasters

You know someone who is always looking for ways to make sure everything is in its place? They’ll thank you each and every meal time when they receive the gift of these beautifully designed placemats.

6. Best Friend Keyring

Your best friend is always going to have the last laugh when they misplaced their keys, thanks for these hilarious keychains! They come in brass or copper with an engraving that says “We’ve been friends so long I can’t remember who’s bad influence” right on it.

7. Squatty Potty

The Squatty Potty is a must-have for any girl who has ever wanted to go #2. Made of recycled or durable materials, this adorable toilet would make the perfect funny birthday gift that will help her poop healthier by putting its users in optimum position–and it’s also endorsed by some fabulous unicorns!

8. F This Shit Show: Gratitude Journal for Tired-Ass Women

What’s a girl to do when life gets too hectic? Why, take this gratitude journal course of action! This irreverent notebook will help her unload by making sure that every day has its own special section. With prompts like “What were three good things today?” and activities such as writing down five reasons why you love your husband (or kids), it won’t be long before we’ve taken care all those feelings inside us Mr Expletsaluations

9. I’d Shank a B for You Best Friend Candle

You’ll go through a kidney for your best friend? This candle is the perfect way to show how much you care! With up-to 110 hour burn time, depending on size selected it’s made from natural materials and has no phthalates.

10. Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock

The Euphori-Lock Combination Lock is the perfect way to keep your girl’s favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s from getting spoilage. With this device, you can mix up all different combinations in order for her not have any uneaten ice cream at home!

11. Butt Masks

The Bawdy Bite It butt mask is made with plant-based ingredients including aloe leaf gel and chamomile to hydrate your tired tushies, smooth them out in just 10 – 15 minutes. This collagen powered product will leave you free of lines or wrinkles!

12. Dog on Bikes Shirts

No matter what kind of dog you have, a bicycle makes them look adorable. If your pup loves being on their bike as much they do then show off with this comfy shirt that features all sorts of different breeds! It’s not just about size or breed either; these sweet tees come in sizes small through extra-large so there’ll be one perfect fit for anyone who wears it proudly

13. Kitten Panties

The best way to show your love for cats is with these adorable white cotton and polyester underwear. The face on the front will make any cat lover feel warm, cuddly even if they don’t have a tail! These men’s briefs come in sizes small through XXL so there’s sure be one that fits just right – or maybe two Dial down some conflicts between friends by giving them both something special at once: gifts from purrfect partners like yourself (and ours)!

14. Giant Gummy Bear

What’s more rewarding than the taste of success? This giant gummy bear will keep her sweet tooth happy with its cherry flavor. A whopping 5 lbs in weight and roughly equivalent to an average dinner plate, this is one present that won’t be forgotten easily!

15. Best Friend Contract

One of the cutest gifts you can give your best friend is this sweet journal. It comes with a choice in page quantities and cover thickness, but it’s main attraction are those ‘realistic contract pages’ printed on front that make every date feel like an adventure!

16. Zombie Face Masks

The Zombie Pack is a full facial treatment that can help diagnose problem areas on the face. With enough ingredients for 8 masks, it takes only 10 minutes of mixing and applying this product before you wash off all traces 20 degrees colder than normal water with one simple step!

17. Calm The F Down Bath Bomb Bag

You know that person who is always stressed and anxious? Give them the perfect distraction with these bath salts called “calm the f*ck down.” Choose from four vibrant colors, including pink white tea & jasmine. And when they finally feel relaxed enough to take a break from all their worries for just one minute…tell me what you see!

18. Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook

This book is the perfect gift for all you chicken lovers out there. With 50 mouthwatering recipes, including favorites like Dripping Thighs and Chicken with Lardon; this will make anyone’s tongue want water! It might be dirty but it doesn’t have any regrets because each dish in these pages tastes amazing – so don’t worry about being embarrassed when company comes over (or just cooking them yourself).

19. Paddle Brush Secret Flask

The Paddle Brush Secret Flask will have everyone talking at your next event with its ingenious design that looks like a real paddle brush. Not only does this clever gadget hide the secret concave handle, but also features an attached mirror on back for perfect makeup application before drinking alcohol from it!

20. Shark Week Period Pouch

Women of all ages will appreciate the humor and creativity in this clever period pad holder. A perfect gift for any woman who has ever felt embarrassed about her periods, it features an Ocean Park design made from durable PVC material with silicone handles to easily hold onto your items without worry they’ll slip through or break off!

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